What’s New in Photutils 1.1?


Photutils 1.1 is a major release that adds new functionality since the 1.0 release. Here we highlight some of the major changes. Please see the Changelog for the complete list of changes.

New SourceCatalog class

A new, significantly faster, SourceCatalog class was implemented. This new class simplifies the API and takes the place of the source_properties function and the SourceProperties LegacySourceCatalog classes. The source_properties function and SourceProperties class are now deprecated and will eventually be removed. The source_properties function now returns LegacySourceCatalog class (deprecated) to distinguish it from the new SourceCatalog.

Optional keyword arguments in SourceCatalog can not be input as positional arguments. Please see the SourceCatalog documentation for the keywords inputs and their allowed values.

Renamed properties

Note that many of the source properties have been slightly renamed in the new SourceCatalog class, e.g.,

  • ‘id’ -> ‘label’

  • ‘background_at_centroid’ -> ‘background_centroid’

  • ‘background_cutout’ -> ‘background’

  • ‘background_cutout_ma’ -> ‘background_ma’

  • ‘data_cutout’ -> ‘data’

  • ‘data_cutout_ma’ -> ‘data_ma’

  • ‘error_cutout’ -> ‘error’

  • ‘error_cutout_ma’ -> ‘error_ma’

  • ‘filtered_data_cutout_ma’ -> ‘convdata_ma’

  • ‘minval_pos’ -> ‘minval_index’

  • ‘minval_xpos’ -> ‘minval_xindex’

  • ‘minval_ypos’ -> ‘minval_yindex’

  • ‘maxval_pos’ -> ‘maxval_index’

  • ‘maxval_xpos’ -> ‘maxval_xindex’

  • ‘maxval_ypos’ -> ‘maxval_yindex’

  • ‘semimajor_axis_sigma’ -> ‘semimajor_sigma’

  • ‘semiminor_axis_sigma’ -> ‘semiminor_sigma’

  • ‘source_sum’ -> ‘segment_flux’

  • ‘source_sum_err’ -> ‘segment_fluxerr’

Also, the ‘centroid’ and ‘cutout_centroid’ properties now return centroids in (x, y) order to be consistent with the tools in photutils.centroid.

New methods and attributes

The new SourceCatalog class has the following new methods:

and new attributes: