What’s New in Photutils 1.10?

Here we highlight some of the new functionality of the 1.10 release. In addition to these changes, Photutils 1.10 includes a large number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, which are described in the full Changelog.

Reading WebbPSF Gridded PSF Models

The GriddedPSFModel read method can now read FITS files containing ePSF grids that were generated by WebbPSF.

Minimum separation parameter for DAOStarFinder and IRAFStarFinder

An optional min_separation keyword is now available in the DAOStarFinder and IRAFStarFinder classes. This parameter defines a minimum separation (in pixels) for detected objects.

PSF photometry models

A make_psf_model function was added for making a PSF model from a 2D Astropy model. Compound models are also supported. The output PSF model can be used in the PSF photometry classes. This function replaces the deprecated prepare_psf_model function.

GriddedPSFModel oversampling

The GriddedPSFModel oversampling can now be different in the x and y directions. The oversampling attribute is now stored as a 1D numpy.ndarray with two elements.

Other changes

Please see the Changelog for the complete list of changes.