photutils.isophote.build_ellipse_model(shape, isolist, fill=0.0, high_harmonics=False)[source]

Build a model elliptical galaxy image from a list of isophotes.

For each ellipse in the input isophote list the algorithm fills the output image array with the corresponding isophotal intensity. Pixels in the output array are in general only partially covered by the isophote “pixel”. The algorithm takes care of this partial pixel coverage by keeping track of how much intensity was added to each pixel by storing the partial area information in an auxiliary array. The information in this array is then used to normalize the pixel intensities.


The (ny, nx) shape of the array used to generate the input isolist.

isolistIsophoteList instance

The isophote list created by the Ellipse class.

fillfloat, optional

The constant value to fill empty pixels. If an output pixel has no contribution from any isophote, it will be assigned this value. The default is 0.

high_harmonicsbool, optional

Whether to add the higher-order harmonics (i.e., a3, b3, a4, and b4; see Isophote for details) to the result.

result2D ndarray

The image with the model galaxy.