Photutils contains functions for:

  • performing aperture photometry

  • performing PSF-fitting photometry

  • detecting and extracting point-like sources (e.g., stars) in astronomical images

  • detecting and extracting extended sources using image segmentation in astronomical images

  • estimating the background and background RMS in astronomical images

  • centroiding sources

  • creating radial profiles and curves of growth

  • building an effective Point Spread Function (ePSF)

  • matching PSF kernels

  • estimating morphological parameters of detected sources

  • estimating the limiting depths of images

The code and issue tracker are available at the following links:

Like much astronomy software, Photutils is an evolving package. The developers try to maintain backwards compatibility, but at times the API may change if there is a benefit to doing so. If there are specific areas you think API stability is important, please let us know as part of the development process.


For the complete list of contributors please see the Photutils contributors page on GitHub.