Citing PhotutilsΒΆ

If you use Photutils for a project that leads to a publication, whether directly or as a dependency of another package, please include the following acknowledgment:

This research made use of Photutils, an Astropy package for
detection and photometry of astronomical sources (Bradley et al.

where (Bradley et al. 20XX) is a citation to the Zenodo record of the Photutils version that was used. We also encourage citations in the main text wherever appropriate.

All Photutils versions and citation formats can be found at For example, for Photutils v1.0.0 one would cite Bradley et al. 2020 with the BibTeX entry (

author       = {Larry Bradley and
                Brigitta Sip{\H o}cz and
                Thomas Robitaille and
                Erik Tollerud and
                Z\`e Vin{\'{\i}}cius and
                Christoph Deil and
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title        = {astropy/photutils: 1.0.0},
month        = sep,
year         = 2020,
publisher    = {Zenodo},
version      = {1.0.0},
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