photutils.properties_table(source_props, columns=None, exclude_columns=None)[source]

Deprecated since version 0.4: The properties_table function is deprecated and may be removed in a future version. Use SourceCatalog.to_table() instead.

Construct a QTable of properties from a list of SourceProperties objects.

If columns or exclude_columns are not input, then the QTable will include most scalar-valued source properties. Multi-dimensional properties, e.g. data_cutout, can be included in the columns input.

source_props : SourceProperties or list of SourceProperties

A SourceProperties object or list of SourceProperties objects, one for each source.

columns : str or list of str, optional

Names of columns, in order, to include in the output QTable. The allowed column names are any of the attributes of SourceProperties.

exclude_columns : str or list of str, optional

Names of columns to exclude from the default properties list in the output QTable. The default properties are those with scalar values.

table : QTable

A table of properties of the segmented sources, one row per source.