photutils.datasets.make_wcs(shape, galactic=False)[source]

Create a simple celestial WCS object in either the ICRS or Galactic coordinate frame.

shape2-tuple of int

The shape of the 2D array to be used with the output WCS object.

galacticbool, optional

If True, then the output WCS will be in the Galactic coordinate frame. If False (default), then the output WCS will be in the ICRS coordinate frame.

wcsastropy.wcs.WCS object

The world coordinate system (WCS) transformation.


The make_gwcs function returns an equivalent WCS transformation to this one, but as a gwcs.wcs.WCS object.


>>> from photutils.datasets import make_wcs
>>> shape = (100, 100)
>>> wcs = make_wcs(shape)
>>> print(wcs.wcs.crpix)  
[50. 50.]
>>> print(wcs.wcs.crval)  
[197.8925      -1.36555556]