class photutils.background.BkgIDWInterpolator(*, leafsize=10, n_neighbors=10, power=1.0, reg=0.0)[source]

Bases: object

This class generates full-sized background and background RMS images from lower-resolution mesh images using inverse-distance weighting (IDW) interpolation (ShepardIDWInterpolator).

This class must be used in concert with the Background2D class.

leafsizefloat, optional

The number of points at which the k-d tree algorithm switches over to brute-force. leafsize must be positive. See scipy.spatial.cKDTree for further information.

n_neighborsint, optional

The maximum number of nearest neighbors to use during the interpolation.

powerfloat, optional

The power of the inverse distance used for the interpolation weights.

regfloat, optional

The regularization parameter. It may be used to control the smoothness of the interpolator.

Methods Summary

__call__(mesh, bkg2d_obj)

Resize the 2D mesh array.

Methods Documentation

__call__(mesh, bkg2d_obj)[source]

Resize the 2D mesh array.

mesh2D ndarray

The low-resolution 2D mesh array.

bkg2d_objBackground2D object

The Background2D object that prepared the mesh array.

result2D ndarray

The resized background or background RMS image.