class photutils.background.BkgIDWInterpolator(leafsize=10, n_neighbors=10, power=1.0, reg=0.0)[source]

Bases: object

This class generates full-sized background and background RMS images from lower-resolution mesh images using inverse-distance weighting (IDW) interpolation (ShepardIDWInterpolator).

This class must be used in concert with the Background2D class.

leafsize : float, optional

The number of points at which the k-d tree algorithm switches over to brute-force. leafsize must be positive. See scipy.spatial.cKDTree for further information.

n_neighbors : int, optional

The maximum number of nearest neighbors to use during the interpolation.

power : float, optional

The power of the inverse distance used for the interpolation weights.

reg : float, optional

The regularization parameter. It may be used to control the smoothness of the interpolator.

Methods Summary

__call__(mesh, bkg2d_obj) Resize the 2D mesh array.

Methods Documentation

__call__(mesh, bkg2d_obj)[source]

Resize the 2D mesh array.

mesh : 2D ndarray

The low-resolution 2D mesh array.

bkg2d_obj : Background2D object

The Background2D object that prepared the mesh array.

result : 2D ndarray

The resized background or background RMS image.