Utility Functions (photutils.utils)


The photutils.utils package contains general-purpose utility functions.


General-purpose utility functions.


calc_total_error(data, bkg_error, effective_gain) Calculate a total error array, combining a background-only error array with the Poisson noise of sources.
check_random_state(seed) Turn seed into a numpy.random.RandomState instance.
cutout_footprint(data, position[, box_size, ...]) Cut out a region from data (and optional mask and error) centered at specified (x, y) position.
filter_data(data, kernel[, mode, ...]) Convolve a 2D image with a 2D kernel.
interpolate_masked_data(data, mask[, error, ...]) Interpolate over masked pixels in data and optional error or background images.
mask_to_mirrored_num(image, mask_image, ...) Replace masked pixels with the value of the pixel mirrored across a given center_position.
random_cmap([ncolors, background_color, ...]) Generate a matplotlib colormap consisting of random (muted) colors.
std_blocksum(data, block_sizes[, mask]) Calculate the standard deviation of block-summed data values at sizes of block_sizes.


ShepardIDWInterpolator(coordinates, values) Class to perform Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) interpolation.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of photutils.utils.interpolation.ShepardIDWInterpolator